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Important Sleep Statistics

The more you know, the more you care about what affects you most

What I do

All solutions begin with an awareness of the actual problem

I Write.

Quality content promotes the awareness needed learn what they need and want, as well as bringing them back for future content.

I Educate.

People need to know when there is a problem, and many individuals and organizations don’t understand the severity until they are educated.

I Consult.

Lack of sleep and trouble staying asleep plagues many of us. Sometimes what we need is heightened awareness and a plan.

“Tired minds don’t plan well. Sleep first, plan later.” -Walter Reisch, Austrian director

About Me

I came to sleep wellness with an initial interest in becoming a copywriter for mental health and healthcare issues. I realized that I wanted to coach people on these issues as well (a special thank you to my wife on that one), making use of the social work degree I’d long neglected. As I explored the issues, I came to understand that sleep health is one of the more significant and under-reported public health issues we face today. I want to try and do something about that.

So, this isn’t only about helping people get better sleep. I want to do that because so many people are generating long term harm for themselves and literally have no idea about it. I didn’t, but I’m beginning to, and I am going to keep on digging and researching the science, and finding ways to help individuals and businesses take this problem on and do better at achieving sleep wellness and a greater sense of wellbeing.

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